About brand



 Brand by ANNAFOXY of sportswear and swimwear was created by a young Ukrainian fashion designer Anna Mirgorodskaia (pseudonym ANNAFOXY). This style is desired for sporty, active and cheerful young girls and women who pay great attention to their sports training and diet, always try to keep fit and look amazing even in the midst of the most difficult workout. Having been engaged in fitness for many years ANNAFOXY experienced, how hard it is to find a beautiful, original, different from others, and at the same time a very high quality and functional sportswear.



   Brand by ANNAFOXY - is a protest against dull and monotonous sportswear, with which the major manufacturers flooded the market.

   Clothing by ANNAFOXY allows to stand out from the gray mass in the gym, in the pool, on the court, on the treadmill, or just walking. It is a challenge to the assertion that during training you should not think about their appearance – you should, and you can look great!


 All clothing and swimwear are made of the most comfortable materials and are thoroughly tested for quality and durability, these clothes are able to withstand without damage the most serious athletic exercises and at the same time give you the confidence that you look stunning!