Brand philosophy

The best outfit of a beautiful woman is the lack of clothes. That is why the sculptors of antiquity and artists of all epochs worshiped a beautiful slender female body. But walking without clothes today and in our climate is uncultured, cold, and not hygienic. And we decided to create a clothing brand that would emphasize the natural beauty of the female body.


Therefore, in ANNAFOXY you will find styles that allow you to open and emphasize slender legs, slender waist, high bust and athletic shoulder line. In standard collections there are no sizes L and XL - because ANNAFOXY products are clothes for slim and well-groomed women.


“If a woman has a well-groomed body, there will always be someone who buys her a fur coat,” said Yves Saint Laurent. A beautiful woman should allow herself the best.


Therefore, we do not save on materials, accessories and specialists, we try to create things of exceptional quality, which cannot be cheap.


We believe that every beautiful woman is unique. There is nothing sadder than seeing women wearing the same dull clothes. Things available to everyone lose their value and attractiveness. Therefore, all products ANNAFOXY come out in limited editions, and do not appear in new seasons without significant changes.


ANNAFOXY is exclusive products of the highest quality for exceptional women.